Your Guide to Choosing a Lip Colour

In today’s world of crazy fashion trends and unique celebrity styles, one may be confused over their best color. To help you sort this out, we have some tricks you might want to know!


Make sure it goes well with your skin tone.

Skin tone or undertone is the color from underneath the skin, which ultimately forms a person’s overall hue. There are warm, cool, and neutral undertones, and you must find out which category you belong to. The easiest shortcut to this is the vein test. Look at the veins on your wrist and see what color they are. If they look green, you have a warm undertone; if they are more blue or purple, you surely have a cool undertone to your skin. If you can’t decide, you likely have a neutral undertone.


Warm undertone skin is greatly accentuated with warm colors, so your lipstick should be some shade between zappy orange-reds and classy, warm nudes. Shades that you should avoid include pasty pinks and pale peach lipsticks. These do not compliment the hue your skin gives off and might appear harsh rather than glamorous.


The opposite of warm colors, cool skin tones love colors like sweet and light pinks and peaches. Coppery colors can also be worn if you got cool undertones.


People with neutral undertones are somewhat lucky because they can flaunt any colors they like, and everything suits them. But before you go lipstick shopping, read the tips below to see if a color goes well with your skin color.


It would be best if you now matched it with your skin color

Dividing skin colors between dark, medium, light, and then the lightest; fair, below we list down some colors that look amazing on that particular skin color. 


Fair skin is easy to deal with; anything you wear will stand out and give you all the attention you need. Almost all pinks, dusty reds, blood maroon, and corals will get you the best results and an extremely pretty lip. 


Cherry red, rosy shades, and berry are your favorite colors. These bring out the small amount of paint your skin has and go along with it perfectly.


Deeply pigmented and bright pinks, blazing reds, and coral will work like magic to give you all the glam and gorgeousness they could. Please avoid browns; these will more likely make your complexion ashy than accentuating it.


Colors that vibe in with your undertones are berry purples, red wine, and browns. These look exhilarating on dark skin any day! Pale pinks can look unnatural and, therefore, should be avoided.

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