10 makeup tips to keep in mind for your big day!

The bridal dress, catering, guest list, venue and a thousand little things occupy your mind when you start planning for your wedding. And when everything gets done perfectly fine and in the given time you’re more than happy. This is how you think before your wedding. When after a week or two you get to see your wedding album all else stops to matter. The exquisite decorations, that elaborate menu full of delicious dishes, who was able to make it to the wedding and who couldn’t, everything else fades, what remains is the fact your makeup was not on point. Nowhere near actually. Those photographs will remind you all your life how you ignored any thoughts about your makeup and how it was just a last minute job. For this reason we take it upon ourselves to remind you of important details you might forget in those busy days.

Season matters

You need to take account of the season when choosing a foundation. Winter brides should go for a foundation that doesn’t look dry where as if you’re getting married in summers make sure your foundation is not too shiny.

Lips are too important to not care

While we prefer colors that are close to natural color of lips you could go for any color you like because it’s not everyday that you get married! But we recommend that you try all the colors on before finally wearing it on your wedding day.

Drinking water does miracles

Drinking three liters of water everyday at least two weeks before your wedding is very important. Hydrated skin let’s makeup sit well on it.

Go for a makeup trial

If they don’t offer, ask. The trail is extremely important for you and the makeup artist as you could try different looks and choose the best one. On the wedding day you both could be happy and sure about what you’re going for.

Waterproofing is a wise choice

From mascara to lipstick, use everything that is waterproof. Also, keep things like beauty blender and blotting papers just in case the need arises.

Select the best match when choosing foundation

Innumerable pictures are going to be captured and those will stay for your grandchildren to see. So, if foundation on your face doesn’t match your chest no one can help you.

A balanced look is all you need

Don’t let the excitement get the better of you and make wise choices at all times, for example deciding on your over all look. When going with bold lips, keep skin makeup lighter. And if the rest of the makeup pops out, keeps the lips simple.

Hope these secrets help you in your makeup journey. Let us know if you have any more wedding day suggestions that you might like to share with the world. 

Until next time ☺

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