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Do you love talking about makeup?

Do you have a makeup video channel you promote?

Does your website attract beauty, fashion, skincare or makeup lovers?

Do you have a strong social media following of beauty, fashion, skincare or makeup followers?

Or did you hear about the $483 Billion dollar industry cosmetics generate globally and just want a piece of the pie?


Don’t just talk about makeup! Start earning with makeup!

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For your comfort our affiliate program is on Share A Sale

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Mica Beauty was established in 2011 as a brick-and-mortar business and has since evolved into the online realm and began its journey into affiliate marketing in 2019. Mica Beauty is dedicated to delivering quality cosmetic and skincare products. Mica Beauty formulas have been developed and manufactured in our lab located in Riverside, CA USA. We ship our products to most countries in the world with competitive shipping rates and uniquely absorb the customs and duties fees to assure customer deliveries into many countries. This assures guarantee of commission payments to our valued affiliates and assure delivery of all shipments to the customers affiliates acquire.

You have the opportunity to feature Mica Beauty on your site or share with social media followers. This gives you the opportunity to not only purchase products you already use and love, but you can talk about the quality and benefits and earn a commission on all sales each time your visitors complete and purchase at Introduce your followers to amazing products that sell themselves.

Makeup Cosmetic and Skincare business is a $483 Billion-dollar global annual revenue industry with estimated raise in sales expected to grow into $716 Billion dollars by 2025. Affiliate marketing is an ever growing industry that will only continues to rise.

Why Mica Beauty Affiliate Program?

When joining Mica Beauty’s Affiliate program, you can feel the confidence of knowing you are going to be paid on time since we use a 3rd party affiliate program (Share A Sale). Start taking your piece of the cosmetic and skincare global industry pie, be part of one of the highest paid affiliate programs in the cosmetic industry. Mica Beauty pays a staggering 17% in direct commissions.

Key Features to our program

  • Affiliated with Share A Sale to ensure prompt commission payments
  • Everyday FREE shipping: $50+ Domestically & $100+ on most International orders
  • Shipping to most Countries with limitless abilities to promote and monetize
  • Mica Beauty pays Customs Duties & Taxes on international customers to assure guaranteed delivery.
  • Offers Vanity Promo Codes
  • Loads your Dashboard with promotional materials
  • 45 Day Cookie Duration
  • Ongoing Bonus/Incentive Programs
  • Ongoing Newsletters to keep you informed of upcoming Promotions
  • Online Live Customer Service (No Bots)

Fact: Mica Beauty owns its Development Lab, Manufacturing Facility and Distribution Channels in Riverside, CA with limitless possibilities. We have products produced and ready for shipping daily at any scale necessary. We also have many new products pending in the pipeline ready for production to introduce and supply unique and current trends.

Join Mica Beauty Affiliate program and be part of a winning team.

Bonus Opportunity:

Tier 1: $1,000 gross sales in the month = $100 Bonus
Tier 2: $2,500 gross sales in the month = $250 Bonus
Tier 3: $5,000 gross sales in the month = $500 Bonus
Tier 4: $7,500 gross sales in the month = $750 Bonus
Tier 5: $10,000 gross sales in the month = $1,000 Bonus

This will put and extra $2,600 monthly bonus cash in your pocket. And this is on top of the 17% you are already making.


Don’t just talk about makeup! Start earning with makeup!

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For your comfort our Affiliate program is on Share A Sale