Choosing the Right Makeup Colors for Fall

Winters are right around the corner, and looking nice is part and parcel of the feel-good vibes and adds to the holiday cheer of togetherness. Selecting the best makeup colors that don’t just look tempting on the pallet but also suit your natural skin tone might be a bit of a challenge. Well, worry no more; we have three simple steps to help you sort and pick the right look for yourself.

Step 1: Pay attention to the skin

The three products that have the most profound effect on setting the tone of your winter look are:
Winters are all about rosy cheeks and brighter smiles. While the summer tan may not set the mood, keeping colors on the face is a must. You can go for peachy shades if you want to stick to the summer look, but darker ones like mulberry or wine could also be your go-to fall choices.
For a fresher look, ensure that the foundation and concealer are shades more delicate than the ones you used in the summers. Cream over shimmer and soft over tan would be the mantra for the fall. Full coverage foundations are usually skipped during the summers; it’s time to unscrew those caps. Use beauty blenders to apply the foundation along with a lighter concealer gently.
Even though bronzers are a no-no for the winters, don’t forget to add some color to the sides of the cheeks with a good contouring pallet. Contouring would add dimension to the face and accentuate the angles. The bridge of the nose and under the eyes are other areas where the contour pallet could show its wonders to complete the look.

Step 2
Let the eyes speak
Browse and Lids are the main focus of any MUA when doing the eyes.
Selecting the shades
Fall is the time to play with eye shadow colors ranging from brown to orange and even red. Use a taupe-colored shadow for the lids and brush the crease and outer corner with a darker shade to get a smokey look. Add a golden shimmer or reflect the season by blending a tinge of orange into the crease – attain a cohesive look by sweeping the orange along the lower lash line. For finishing touches, add a bit of mascara and falsies.
Doing the brows
Thicker, more luscious brows go best with the warm apparel of the fall. Fill in any parts where the hairs are sparse but be careful to keep the beginning of the brow lighter than the tail for a better look.

Step 3: Perfecting the Lips
Balancing Shades

If you’ve done your eyes in an orange/red shade, then a nude lip shade would bring out the best features by enhancing the natural color of your lips. If your eye colors are smokey or not bright, don’t be afraid to apply some browns on the lips.

Let me know what you think of these tips in the comments down below! I’ll see you very soon with some more 🙂


  1. When I was young I used to change eye make-up colors for my outfits or seasons but an older lady criticized me and said I should always wear make-up to suit my color and skin tone. I see all this creativity and self-expression now a days and I wish I had had the confidence, then, to do my own thing.

    • I feel you, MJ! I was told I shouldn’t wear a Red Lip; but as I grew older I decided to do my own thing and not care what others have to say!
      You do you girl! xo

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