How to choose a Highlighter based upon your Skin-tone?

Wanting your skin to shine bright is not much to ask for. To get that luminous skin we all make use of our highlighters but what we often forget is that it is too easy to make highlighter related mistakes. One of the most common of them is not choosing a highlighter based on your skin tone. While we want to grab all them cute and sparkling highlighters we forget to think about their compatibility with our skin tone. The general rule is to get a highlighter that is at least two shades lighter than your skin tone but to be very specific the following rules will help you get to the exact product you need.

Highlighter for fair skin tones
Having fair skin tone allows us to use highlighters which have pearlescent, icy silver or champagne sheen. These shades will not suppress your complexion while adding just the right amount of radiance to it and enhance it just like you wanted. Going for highlighter shades that are too warm or contain red undertones will come out as loud over pale to light skin tones and therefore should be kept away from no matter how attractive they might look when shopping.

Highlighter for light to medium skin tones
For a glowing effect, go for colors such as peach or rose gold. The warmth in these shades will compliment the warmth is your complexion and give you that extra sheen to brighten up things.

Highlighter for medium to olive skin tones
Gold-bronze or iridescent undertone highlighters do wonders for warmer skin tones. These shades will grant you the sparkling skin without disturbing your natural complexion. Golden and champagne also looks great on medium to wheatish skin tones while pink is to be avoided as it may come across as harsh on warmer skin tones. The shades mentioned will brighten up your complexion and give a lift to it in a natural and healthy looking way avoiding a fake or incompatible look.

Highlighter for olive to dark skin tones
Variations of rose gold and bronze are the go to colors for people with olive to dark complexions. You lot need to stick to warmer shades that make your complexion look luminous from within. Just as the warmth in bronze makes your skin look fresh and leaves it glowing. Other shades which are cooler could make your skin look dull so sticking with highlighters that have warm undertones is the key.

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Hope these secrets will help you in your makeup journey. Let us know if you have any more suggestions for shades for different skin tones which you tried and thought looked fabulous that you might like to share with the world.

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