Doing your Wedding Day Makeup Yourself? We are here to help!

Here to help you if you’ve decided to take the reins on your own hand!
With a thousand things on your mind already, if you have been brave enough to shoulder this responsibility for creating a beautiful look for yourself on your wedding day too, we find this utterly amazing and heroic. To help you along this adventure we have some tips and tricks that will help you create the look of your dreams.
Practice as many times as you can
We recommend you to practice creating the look you want many times before you do it at your wedding. Also, note down what products you used and how you used them so there’s no confusion on the wedding day.
The more facials the better
You need to have hydrated and smooth skin when applying makeup. No matter how good your products are, makeup won’t sit well on rough and dry skin. So, at least three to four facials before your big day is a must.
Make use of amazing features of a primer
After you’ve moisturized your skin well, apply primer to even out fine lines and larger pores. To use mattifying or an illuminating primer is up to you and the look you want to create.
Eye primer is important too
Put on a nude shade to make eyeshadow application better and cover any discoloration Know that you’ll have to use a different primer here than that you applied to your face.
Avoid using white finishing powders
If you use a white powder for finishing you’ll look absolutely washed out in your wedding photographs. So, keep away from that.
Not the best news but you’ll need a creamy formula concealer
Getting things done perfectly requires hard work and dedication. All that stress and late nights could cause dark circles and sudden breakouts. So, after you’ve applied foundation, there’s nothing wrong with dabbing a bit of concealer there.
Take care of your eyebrows
Eyebrows are your face’s defining feature and therefore must get the due attention. Apply a darker eyeshadow at areas where the hair growth is sparse and pencil or powder along the top line for a lift to the face. You can also use a gel-eyebrow dip to make your eyebrows appear fuller!
No shimmering allowed
As flash photography is going to take place the whole day, you need to stick with neutral, subtle and matte colors and stay away from shimmer and glimmer for the day. Or else, the pictures are sure to ruin your day.
Don’t forget your setting spray
They help to make makeup last longer, are sweatproof and waterproof and avoid makeup-wearing away with time.

With all that mentioned, I really want you girls to know that it is YOUR wedding day – do what YOU want girl! All that matters is that beautiful smile on your face!

MICA Beauty would love to be a part of your big day! Hope these secrets help you on your makeup journey. Let us know if you have any more tips that you might like to share with the world.

Until next time 😊

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