How to Choose the Right Foundation for yourself based upon your Under-tone

When it comes to foundation it has to be the right shade because as the name suggests it’s the foundation or base on which the whole look relies. If you start off with the wrong shade how could the final look be ever right?! Getting a shade that matches your complexion looks like a difficult task but everything becomes easy when you know your under-tone. Sadly, products don’t really have on them written what undertone it is for. Thus, determining your under-tone should be the first step in the process of getting your hands on the right foundation for you. After you know your undertone follow the guidelines given below to reach your destination.

If you actually are worried and don’t know anything about ‘under-tones’ then please take a look at this article here.

Make sure your skin is ready
When you think you want to apply a foundation to be sure it matches your under-tone, you need to properly cleanse your skin. Unclean skin full of dead skin cells, oil and dirt won’t accept color, experts say. So even if it’s the correct color it won’t look like it is.
Check if the lighting is adequate
Very basic but still a majority of buyers are seen to ignore the fact that they should always take care of lighting when foundation shopping. Low light could make you reject a shade that was perfect for you. Online shopping is great because all pictures are taken in perfect lighting. Make sure you’re buying foundation matching your complexion and not buying it to correct your complexion. That is the job of color correctors.
Match with what’s more
We always consider our face, neck and décolletage when it comes to selection of a base. Fun fact, all three of these parts can have different color and will not necessarily be of the same shade. There could be various reason for this including increased exposure to the sun. The rule to go by in this situation is that go for the color you see the most in these areas. Choose the base this way and apply it over the face and neck to get an even skin tone for the day.

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Hope these guidelines help you choose the best for yourself. Let me know if you have any more ideas that you apply when base shopping that you might like to share with the world.
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