A step-by-step guide to applying the darkest lipstick you’ve ever worn

We know from stories we’ve heard and some live examples that many people’s experience with a dark lip doesn’t go well or, we’d rather say, turned into the biggest makeup blunder they’ve ever gotten into. To avoid that, we list below the right way to choose a dark color for yourself and how to apply it immaculately. You’ll be super impressed by the results if you follow this tutorial from beginning to end and want to hug us!

Choosing a dark shade
Because there are innumerable color options and possibilities for decorating your lips, we’ve devised a quick and easy plan to select a color that’s both complimenting and glamorous. And the best possible way to apply it. This comes from the makeup artists of celebrities who have years of experience and have already made their mark. Wasting no time, let’s get on to it.

Check with your undertones
Like you do this when buying foundation, this needs to be done to get the perfect shade for lipstick. And here we’re already dealing with dark shades, so there’s automatically no room for a mistake. First, know your undertones, and then try to create a balance. If you have warm undertones to your skin, choose a cooler-toned shade and if your skin is more towards the cooler side, go for a warmer hue.

Matte or glossy shine
Here you can go where your heart wants. However, you should wear a matte shade during the day and indulge in glossy shine for a night event.

Applying a dark shade
After deciding what you’ll wear comes the part of putting it on. Below we list down steps to get the dark lips which are nothing but grace and glamour. Following this tutorial will also avoid messy mistakes we don’t need because dark lipstick blunders can be a nightmare to rectify.

a. Exfoliate and moisturize
Prep your pout before applying the color chosen for the product to sit well and stay put for longer. Use a ready-made lip exfoliator or make one at home to smoothen flaky skin. Apply a thin lip balm coat to moisturize and smoothen the lips even more.

b. Use a brush
Precise application is extremely important when you’re working with dark lipstick. For this, use a thin angled brush, apply it at the center, and take it outwards using the brush.

c. Blot and set
Now press a blotting or tissue paper between your lips and tap on some translucent powder to set it up and for the second coat to have something to attach to.
Apply the second and final coat of the rich color
This step will make your lipstick look at the end of the day exactly like it is now. Ensure even application and rock the day!

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Let me know what you think in the comments down below! Until next time 🙂


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