Five Ways to look Bright-eyed Effortlessly!

Exhaustion from a busy academic schedule, housewife life, or work life could make your eyes look dull and tired even when you’re not. While there’s no replacement for a good rest, the hacks could get things going for you and are quick and easy to apply. Follow the steps below to spark up the brightness of your peepers, just like the carefree days.

Eye Cream

Skipping eye cream or a nice eye gel, equates to dry and tired-looking skin around the eyes and wrinkles even before you reach that age. The purpose of creating an eye cream or gel was to address the exact requirements of that extremely sensitive and silky soft skin and protect it. You can think of how delicate the skin around the eyes is because even our face moisturizers aren’t fit for use in that area. They could easily irritate the eyes or give you a burning sensation in the eyes, let alone fulfill the moisture and hydration needs of the skin there. Therefore, you must never skip eye cream and use it religiously to make your eyes look well rested and the skin around them fresh and plump rather than dehydrated and shriveled. Dark circles may pose another obstacle to looking bright-eyed. These could be a result of thin skin revealing veins underneath. To combat these, the first step could be to use an eye cream that contains peptides and helps with collagen production.


We could only think of one color when the word “bright” touches our ears, which is the happy color YELLOW. You don’t exactly have to look for a yellow-colored concealer, but you do have to include this color in your eyes to brighten things up. Get yourself a concealer that’s one or maybe two if you think the dark areas need it, shades darker than your skin color, and has yellow undertones. Using a brush applies only to dark areas, or it will lose its effect.
White eye pencil
Sometimes sleep deprivation and tiredness reach the inner corners of our eyes, and we don’t even notice. This hardly takes a minute and can often be the window to reality when we forget to cover it up after all else is done. Take hold of a white eye pencil and mark the inner corners of your eyes with it, around the tear ducts mainly. To make it look more natural, lightly smudge the color with your finger. You’ll be surprised at the brightness this little step can give your eyes.
A Bright Lip

A bright lip, cheery blush, not lining the lower lashes or applying mascara to them are the things you can do to not attract attention to the darkness, which will not be as noticeable if you’re done with the above steps, and contribute to the bright-eyed look you want to create.

I hope you liked the tips, please let me know what you think in the comments down below 🙂


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