Five Eye makeup tips for women over 35!

Today’s piece is about extremely useful eye makeup tips and tricks from renowned makeup artists with years of experience and expertise. Telling us how to cut down on the years that can reflect in the eyes, these tricks are invaluable for eye makeup for women over 35. Check these out and try it on to their magic ASAP!

Always start with an Eye Primer

Even if you are not going to wear eyeshadow, never skip priming. It smoothens lines, prevents creasing, and dramatically improves the color of your lids. All these qualities of a primer can make a world of difference to tired, droopy lids and keep those around you second-guessing your age. This hack makes all the difference and is, therefore, the first step we recommend you do.

Choose your Concealer wisely

And need more than just any concealer. As the skin starts losing the ability to retain moisture with age, dark circles become more prominent. Don’t worry about additional products; by more than just a concealer, we mean a concealer that highlights, preferably a concealer with yellow undertones, will work. It conceals the dark areas, and the yellow undertones brighten the under-eye skin.

Warm and Matte are your Mantra

Dealing with the color first, wear shades that match your age. It’s officially time for warm and matte colors, guys. Loud and glitzy shades are only going to make you look sleep deprived and highlight the lack of moisture in the skin around the eyes. As much as warm tones are flattering and lovely to wear, they also give you some age-defying benefits. Go for shades that give off warmth; these will make you look healthier and, as a plus point, bring out your eye color rather than subduing it.
Regarding the texture, we’ve learned this through some red carpet disasters, so I warn you about it. Never use shimmers or glittery shades after 30. Invest in good quality makeup that does not settle in the creases as it might end up directing the attention towards lines and wrinkles. Matte shadows smoothen the surface and help in concealing rather than pronouncing.

Refrain from Liquid Liners

As much as they are difficult to gain expertise over, they don’t help people over 30 much. Settling in the lines or, worse, seeping into the fine lines and getting smeared, liquid liners should be kept away from. After 35, you’re at the perfect age to switch to pencil or gel liners. We’d recommend you use a pencil liner because you have more control over what you want to create, and it is fairly easy to use due to its pen-like shape.

Apply Mascara and Work on your Eyebrows

Use a good mascara, and that too, on your upper lashes to create an illusion of a naturally thick lash line. Now it’s time to prep the eyebrows; instead of using a pencil to fill in the spaces, dust some eyeshadow powder with the color of your hair and brush them to make it settle and give a nice, fuller look.

I hope you liked today’s piece. Let me know if this helped and what you think in the comments down below 🙂


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