10 Makeup Techniques to get Rid of Wrinkles!

Today or tomorrow, as you age, you will meet these loyal lines or creases that are, if we think about it, indicative of time spent braving life’s odds, years of bitter-sweet memories, and first-hand experience of this perplexing phenomenon called life (a reason why we always encourage you to embrace the aging process and not be reluctant to flaunt it). Most noticeable at the neck, mouth, and around the eyes, the wrinkles surrounding the mouth are called laugh lines, and those around the eyes are called crow’s feet. Many names but one reality, you can’t make them disappear completely. However, the right makeup tricks can smoothen them like magic. By following the steps below, you’ll forget for the time being ever seeing them on your face.

  1. Moisturizing is the key
    Like everything else, good moisturizing habits help diminish wrinkles too. An adequate amount of water during the day, moisturizer, and serum after cleansing and before putting on makeup will make your skin look much better. On a side note, look for hyaluronic acid as the top ingredient in serum because it has excellent moisture retention properties. MICA Beauty has a great skincare line that caters to all such needs of yours!
  2. Priming comes second
    Healthy hydration habits should be followed religiously by the use of a primer. It instantly fills in the deep furrows and creates an even base for the upcoming foundation. If you’re getting at that age, you need to have eyes for a silicone-based primer.
  3. Go easy on the foundation, loves.
    Please do not try filling everything up with foundation; that’s an absolute no-no. Because imperfect rather than a fake face! Heavy makeup or generous amounts of the foundation is more likely to give prominence to the lines and creases rather than hiding them. Lightweight and light to medium coverage foundations tapped on the skin with a light hand are all you need.
  4. Now comes the magic ingredient, color corrector
    If you thought color correctors were only for dark spots and unsightly patches, let us prove you wrong. Colour correctors are brightening, which helps them be useful for wrinkles. Wrinkled areas can often appear darker and, therefore, might need a color corrector. A light color paired with concealer and applied at the deep end of wrinkles can almost make them look smooth.
  5. Powders are no longer good friends
    We know some of you might love setting up their final look with a few powder touch-ups, but we think it’s time to stop. The powder may settle into the fine lines and accentuate them, ruining all the hard work you did before. But if you can’t do without your darling powder, we don’t want you to experience separation anxiety and recommend you simply avoid putting it in places where the skin is wrinkled for the best look.
    However much we own our flaws, changing things back to the old times is always refreshing. Continuing with our quest to look young again, take a quick look at the techniques given below to smoothen wrinkles and look flawless using just makeup in a specific way.
  6. Eyeshadow-Just be a little careful
    You probably know the drill by now. You must stay away from everything and anything that might settle in lines and pronounce rather than subdue their appearance. Likewise, when it comes to the eyes, you have to be careful about a couple of things too. First, put away all your shiny-disco ball-shimmer eyeshadows first thing in the morning. Sparkly eyeshadows will be of little use if you want your skin to look healthy and wrinkle-free as they highlight wrinkled skin. After applying primer on the lids, go for a nude shade to create a base, and then put a shade that compliments the base at the crease. Remember, it should be complimenting but not too loud.
  7. Eyeliner
    A pencil liner doesn’t fall into the creases and is best if the shade you choose is soft. Stay away from liquid liners because you know how difficult it is if you’re not a pro, and when dealing with wrinkles, it gets even messier.
  8. Work on your Blush
    The trick here is to create an illusion of fleshy cheeks that glow with a healthy radiance. For this reason, apply highlighter first and then apply blush over it. But the highlighter should be a cream highlighter and not the powder one. A few taps and the healthy-looking blush will compensate for sagging skin and wrinkles peeking from beneath. It would be best if you also saw that you didn’t apply the blush in the wrong place. Too high looks clownish, and too low make you age. The right way is to smile and target the apples of your cheeks.
  9. Three steps for Lipstick
    The order you should follow is a primer, lip liner, and then lipstick. Doing lipstick this way prevents it from finding its way into the fine lines around your lips and gives you a shock when you see the mirror. Besides that, always go for moisturizing formulas instead of mattes which are drying and can accentuate wrinkles.
  10. Time for the Neck
    Look in the mirror at your neck when you’re done with all the steps above. With smooth-looking skin and a wrinkled neck, the stark contrast in the skin will stun you. Therefore make sure you apply makeup to your neck and that your face and neck match before you step out. Make sure you use your serums and moisturizers all the way down to your neck while doing your AM and PM skincare routine.

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