Benefits of Exfoliators For Your Skin

Have you ever wondered what’s stopping you from having velvety soft skin that shines without highlighters and looks good even while you sleep? To answer this, it’s that dirt that settles in your pores, the polluted air harming your complexion, remnants of makeup suffocating your skin, and sweat and sun playing together to do their best to make your skin look ashy, sometimes dry, at other times lifeless and sometimes overwhelmed. Give your skin a break and go for an exfoliating session to do the least for it using a good quality Exfoliator.

1. Even-toned Skin
For starters, the exfoliation process is guaranteed to give you an overall even-toned complexion, toning out all imperfections like dark spots, freckles, etc. Exfoliation sets your skin back to its glory by sloping off dead skin cells and smoothing the skin. That is because exfoliating breaks down dead skin, which form scars. Taking an example of acne scars, it’s magical how exfoliating regularly could help you treat that. Takes time, but it’s worth the wait and patience.

2. Improved Cell turnover and Circulation
Now you know why exfoliation is so refreshing; it stimulates internal growth processes. Exfoliation effectively promotes the process of skin detoxification through lymphatic drainage. It also causes an increase in the supply of oxygenated blood to the face that nourishes the skin and ultimately makes a face glow with health. That healthy, radiant glow we all dream of. Talking of internal processes, we all know exfoliating removes dead skin cells but did you know it also encourages the production of new cells to replace the ones removed? It causes the new, freshly produced cells to remain at the surface, taking the radiance to match a baby’s skin.

3. The Ultimate Remedy for Clogged Pores
One common thing in all of us is the hatred for irritating blackheads and whiteheads. But have you ever wondered what causes them to appear in the first place? Clean pores are equal to easy life! The dirt settles on your skin and hardens in your pores. What exfoliation does is it doesn’t even let the environmental toxins settle to form blackheads and other problems later.

4. Keeps Acne at Bay
Just like exfoliating regularly prevents spots and black and whiteheads, it’s no less than a miracle for preventing acne. Exfoliation slows off dead skin cells and unclogs pores, eliminating any chances of breakouts and giving you clean and shining skin. Dead and dry skin and clogged pores can often cause the oil produced by the sebaceous glands to accumulate in the pores and restrict their outflow. This becomes the main reason for acne and other breakouts. And since Covid-19 has hit the world and brought along face masks, we must also take care of masks.

We recommend the Vitamin C Exfoliating Peeling Gel which will help your skin feel renewed and will also improve vitality.

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  1. I hardly ever use makeup being a single mom ! However I LOVE exfoliating and serums!! I don’t want to look old Ever! Lol thank y’all for the giveaway!!

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