Five Foundation hacks For Oily Skin

Are you tired of letting go of your favorite makeup products because you can’t use them due to your oily skin? We’re here to help you exactly with that. There are ways to deal with oily skin and how you should apply makeup on it. This piece will tell you how to make ANY foundation look impeccable and stick through the day. Read till the end!

  1. Prepping skin the right way matters
    When you have oily skin, it might be easy to get distracted and act harsh on your skin to get rid of the oil. However, you need to remind yourself repeatedly that no matter the type of skin you have, being gentle is important. Pick up a gentle cleanser on the skin, follow with a hydrating serum, and end with a lightweight oil-free moisturizer containing SPF 30+.
  2. Hydration can help
    For foundation and other makeup to spread effortlessly and look as natural as possible on your skin, your skin must be at the highest possible level of hydration. Just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean it can’t be dehydrated. Dehydrated skin won’t accept anything, let alone hold it for hours. So, please don’t shy away from hydration, serums, moisturizers, and wherever you can get it. Some experts even recommend carrying a hydrating mist with you and spraying it over your face a few times during the day.
  3. Say no to radiance primers and foundations
    What other people buy in formulas in different products such as foundations and primers, God gave you that for free; Radiance. Already having plenty of it, you don’t need to look for it in makeup products. Rather look for matte finish foundations. You also don’t need the amount someone with dry skin would need; a small amount could give you a perfectly natural-looking finish.
  4. The powder is your best friend
    Don’t you love how powder seems to soak in all the oily shine on your face?! Set it all up with loose powder, and then touch up the areas where you see excess shine during the day, for example, the forehead and the nose. And you could always mix the powder with your foundation if you think it has too much shine and rock it instead of abandoning it altogether. You could also go ONLY with the Loose Mineral Foundation Powder – the best seller at MICA Beauty.
  5. Only Lightweight products deserve a place on your vanity
    As your skin produces much more oil than needed, it might cause the makeup to ‘slip off your face. At this point comes the suggestion to keep things like foundation, moisturizer, cream blushes, etc. Lightweight so that they stay put during the day. Just remember to take good care of your skin and use the right kind of products. Our recommendation is the The Three Step Skincare Routine for Oily Skin by MICA Beauty’s skincare line.


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