Makeup Tips for your Interview Day!

Makeup is not something that is made for weddings and big events only. It is something that can add magic to your personality by enhancing your features. If you are well aware of the basics of makeup, then you can also make use of it on your interview day to give your potential employer a very positive image of you. However, the makeup that you put on for an interview is very different from the one that you put on weddings or events etc. This is why we are here to guide you about applying makeup in the right manner for your interview.
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a. Your Foundation has to be very natural
The most important thing in this case is your foundation. The more natural your foundation, the better. We recommend that you should apply a very soft, glowing foundation which is medium coverage. You can also go for a very light BB cream for a more natural look. For your interview day you don’t need much of highlighting or contouring since we want to keep the whole look very minimal.

b. Keep your nail paint transparent
You might not be paying much attention to your hands on a day to day basis but for days like your interview you need to be mindful. You must go for a transparent nail color because a very neon-y or red-ish nail paint will make you look unprofessional on such a day.

c. Keep your eye-look very soft
You might love bright and glittery eyeshadow but for your interview day we recommend that you just pop a natural brown toned color in your crease area. You can also apply some mascara to make your eye-look very pretty and soft.

d. Be mindful about your deodorant
Even when you are looking very beautiful but if you don’t smell fresh then you will loose your impression. The way you smell can make or break your first impression so you need to make sure that you have taken a shower and applied deodorant as well.

e. The lips must be rosy-pink or natural brown
In order to look professional, you must go for a rose-toned lipstick or one that has a soft brown finish to it. These are the two most professional colors out there. All you need is a wash of color on your lips and you are good to go!

f. Be Yourself!
Last but not the least, you need to be yourself on this special day. This is the most important because you are you and that is your specialty. So just be sure that you dress up well and be confident!
Hope this helped you all. See you soon 🙂

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