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Mini Fridge


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The MICA Beauty Mini Fridge is the best device for any beauty lover who wants to elevate their beauty routine by increasing the shelf-life and efficacy of your skincare, keeping them cool and fresh to deliver the best results! MICA Beauty Mini fridge is also great for storing food, drinks, snacks, and more. Perfect to use at home, in your bedroom, bathroom vanity, office, dorm, travel, and camping.

  • 4 LITERS OF CAPACITY: Store your moisturizers, skin serums, lip balms, and eye creams with ease. Inner dimensions are 5.25in x 5.5in x 8in.; The removable shelf makes small items like different skincare and beauty products easy to separate. Outer dimensions are 7.4in x 9.7in x 10.7in.
  • WHY YOU NEED IT: Reduce the appearance of skin puffiness with chilled skincare products! Cold skincare helps calm the skin, decrease swelling, inflammation, and redness. Cooler temperatures will help keep bacteria away from products, so products remain clean and sanitary.
  • AC/DC ADAPTERS: MICA Beauty Mini Fridge has one power mode, which fully meets people’s needs in various scenarios. You can connect the miniature fridge to a 100-120V home power supply.
  • FRIENDLY ENGINEERING: Quiet technology keeps sound at a minimum, so you can rest and relax during your skincare routine.
  • COOL TO WARM: Keep your products extra-chilled, with our mini fridge cooling down to 40°F below ambient temperature. You can also keep products warm, with the mini fridge warming up to 149° on an internal thermostat.


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Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 11.42 × 8.66 × 11.81 in


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