Let’s go back to the Basics of Contouring!

Contouring is one of the most important components of makeup and if done right it can make your features appear very beautiful and prominent. The only problem is that this can get a little tricky and confusing and can easily turn into a disaster. This is why we need to go and learn the basics of contouring.

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What is contouring all about?

Contouring refers to the technique used to accentuate your features by applying some highlighters and bronzers at the right places. What you need to apply where is described below:

The Cheeks!

The most important part of contouring is handling the cheek area. If you are able to master this, then you are more than 70% done already. YES! For this, you need to pick a contour shade, cream or powder, which must be at least two shades darker than your natural skin tone and the foundation that you use.

Take a brush which is angled and apply the contour shade to the hollows of your cheekbones. Just remember to blend it properly but don’t go to down your cheek area.

The Nose!

This is the part that can make your nose look very pretty and beautiful. All you need to do is apply some highlighter on the bridge of your nose using a fan-brush. This can even be done using your finger-tip. The idea is to bring light to the bridge of your nose to make it appear more prominent. After that you can further accentuate your nose by taking your contour product that you had applied on your cheek. Take a very fine brush and apply the contour to the sides of your nose. You need to join these lines to the inner corner of your brows. This can be a little tricky but a little practice is all you need.

The Eyes!

A little surprised to see “eyes” here? Yes! The eyes are also very important when it comes to contouring. All you need to do is take your highlighter and apply it to you’re the inner corner of your eyes. This will make the pop and look wide awake as well. Now, take the same highlighter and apply some to the brow-bone area to make you eyes look more lifted.

Finishing touches!

To finish your contour, you need to take your setting powder and take your face brush and apply the setting powder underneath your contour shade. This will make the cheeks look more chiseled and will give a neat look to your entire face.

These were the basics of contouring and we hope this article helped you all understand the basics in a simple and easy way.

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