How to Take Proper Care of Your Brushes!

Days, weeks, and sometimes months pass when we consider giving our makeup brushes a thorough cleaning session. However unimportant it may seem, cleaning the brushes should be an essential part of your routine. Oil, bacteria, and sebum accumulate in the brushes over time. The bristles get dirty and transfer all these microbes onto your face. Using dirty brushes can cause many skin problems, which can be easily avoided if we give brush hygiene thought and effort.

You will have clogged pores and acne bumps if you apply your makeup with dirty brushes. This is because all these brushes carry bacteria in their bristles. Moreover, your entire daytime and night-time skin-care routines will become useless due to dirty makeup application tools. This becomes even more important when you are a freelance makeup artist and have multiple clients daily to whom you apply makeup.

Here we have compiled some tips and tricks to help you take care of your brushes.

  1. Lukewarm Water is Key!
    Use lukewarm water to wet the bristles, taking care that the water doesn’t reach the base of the brush head as the glue keeping the bristles attached to the wand can go loose when it comes in contact with water and soap or detergent and bristles might fall off.
  2. You can simply use your Shampoo!
    Take a drop or two of the makeup brush cleanser or soap on your palm, and with a gentle hand, massage the tips of the bristles of the brush. You can use your shampoo for this as well.
  3. Olive Oil can help clean your Brushes
    Rinse the bristles with lukewarm water after applying your shampoo. An added step is putting some olive oil in the shampoo to soften your brushes.
  4. Towel Dry your Brushes
    Dry with a clean towel, and be sure to remove excess water. It would be best to let the bristles dry in the correct shape, so keep the brush on the edge of the dresser, so the bristles are in the air.
  5. Put the Brushes Upside Down while Drying
    Drying your brushes vertically can wet the ferrule and ultimately lead to the fall of bristles. We recommend that you put the brushes upside down so they can be dried properly.
  6. REMEMBER to Clean the Brushes at least Once a Week
    Most dermatologists advise you to cleanse your brushes, foundation, and concealer brushes, especially once a week. If you do not take time to clean ALL your makeup tools, you will notice breakouts repeatedly.

Keep these basic tips and tricks to keep your brushes clean and in good shape. This will help you achieve your desired makeup look while keeping your face away from all sorts of breakouts and irritation.

Hope you find these tips helpful; until next time! 🙂


  1. Thank you for the article on cleansing makeup brushes. It was very informative and the techniques described were easily understandable and simple to perform.

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