Here’s all You Need to Know about Under-tones

First, let us define what an under-tone is. It is extremely important to correctly judge your under-tone so that you can match the make-up with your natural color, so it doesn’t look unnatural or out of place. While skin tone can change due to Factors like sun exposure, an under-tone never changes. The color below the surface of your skin, which forms your overall complexion, is called under-tone.
Categories of under-tones
Owing to the various skin types and the naturally diverse human race, we have different categories of under-tones too. Thus every person has to pay attention to what category they’re most likely to fall into. MICA Beauty takes care of all its customers by offering the Just For You Foundation in which you can customize your very own skin tone! The three categories of under-tones that exist are; cool, warm, and neutral. Below are some points that shall help you decide which category you belong to.
You fall into the category of people who have cool under-tone if;
• Your skin has a red, pink, or blue shade overall
• Silver jewelry looks better than gold jewelry on your skin
• Your skin looks a shade of blue when out in the sun
• The veins visible at your wrist are blue or purple
If not cool, check for a warm undertone. People with warm under-tone usually have;
• Yellow, peach, or gold tinge to their skin
• Their veins look green or olive from under the skin
• Gold jewelry compliments the skin better than silver
• Their skin looks yellowish in the sun
After checking for the features mentioned earlier, if your skin doesn’t fit into the cool or warm category, you can call it neutral if;
• Your skin is of a shade between shades for cool undertones and shades for warm undertones, i.e., neither pink, red, blue, yellow, gold, or peach.
• The veins at your wrist look blue-green through your skin
• Jewelry of both colors, gold, and silver, looks equally good on your skin
• When out in the sun, your skin will lean green

Hope the guidelines above help you reach the correct decision for your under-tone determination as it is one of the most important factors when buying make-up products. Lack of adequate knowledge about your under-tone can cost you a fortune, as you will be wasting money on products unsuitable for you and not being satisfied with the make-up look. If you still cannot reach a conclusion about your skin tone you could always take help from a professional make-up artist. They could help you make an informed decision about what suits your skin through skin analysis.
Let us know if you have any more tricks or ways to decide about one’s under-tone that you might like to share with the world.

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