What is the right order to apply your makeup?

Ever wondered what's the correct sequence when applying makeup? Do we apply the liner first or mascara? We moisturize first or apply lipstick first? Ask yourself these questions. If you know the answer and are sure of it well and good but if you don't, carry on reading! We've got answers to all your questions. In this article, we provide you with detailed information about each step in the sequence you should go by when applying makeup. 

  1. First, apply moisturizer or primer

Apply either moisturizer or primer as the first step when getting ready. Whatever you put on will not sit well on your face until it is moisturized well and not rough and dry.

  1. Foundation comes second

We advise against doing eyes first, as many people like, for preventing fallouts. Fallouts are inevitable when eyeshadow is made use of. Apply foundation and then go for rectifications as it's more difficult to clear bare skin of any fallen products than the skin on which foundation has been applied. 

  1. Now its time for concealer

When the foundation has smoothened the surface, apply concealer. You will notice that much of the job of hiding spots and covering patches have been done by the foundation. So, only apply concealer to blemishes that are still apparent and to dark circles.

  1. Then comes powder application

Set things up with the minimal amount of powder. Go for a translucent powder so that any fallouts can be easily removed and the base has time to settle till you complete your look.

  1. Now you can go for eyes or lips

Go for the area you're sure about what you want to do with it. This is completely up to you.


When working on eyes apply eyeshadow, then liner and then mascara at the end. This is the way to go for most professional artists. While the route needs to be followed for a flawless look, you could always give the lash line one more stroke of the liner or add a bit of shimmer to the center space of the lid.


Start with putting on lip balm. Apply liner and then fill in lipstick. Apply gloss only if needed.

  1. Cheeks come last

Cheeks should be done last because, firstly, it ties eyes and lips together. And, second, if you're using a powder for brush, sweep a bit of it across the lid for extra color.

Hope these secrets help you on your makeup journey. Let us know if you have any more ways of carrying on the work that you might like to share with the world. 

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