How To Make Your Eyes Pop

Your eyes and lips are where you are most likely to mix things up in your daily makeup routine, but your eyes are where you can really have some fun. Add drama, color, a smoky eye, or create a signature look by testing out different ways to make your eyes pop.

Play With Color

The first thing you want to decide each morning before you head to work or school, or on your way out for the evening is what eyeshadow colors to apply. You can play with current trending colors in eye makeup, of which pink and lime are hot for spring of 2019. You can match or contrast your eyes with your outfit. Or you can select colors that will make your eyes pop:

  • Pink, purple, silver and gold make brown eyes pop
  • Violet, plum, and purples make green eyes pop
  • Chocolate brown and metallic neutrals make green eyes pop

MicaBeauty Mineral Makeup is extremely gentle, free of preservatives, chemicals, dyes, talc, oils, and other fillers—and it stays put all day!

The Perfect Gel Liner

Eyeliner frames your eyes making them pop. Black liner looks great on everyone, white liner in your inner corners brings tired eyes to life, and metallic and colored liners let you get creative. If you are new to applying liner or want to be a bit more subtle charcoal or chocolate is a great starting point. For those who love drama, play with thickens, wings, and cat eyes. Gel Eyeliners & Gel Eyebrow Liner are the easiest to apply and give you the most flexibility and freedom to get creative.  Apply your liquid liner after your shadow is complete and before your mascara.

The Magic Of 3D Fiber Mascara

You can apply false lashes daily, magnetic lashes as you wish, or have lashes individually applied—but don’t count out the magic of mascara. MicaBeauty 3D Fiber Mascara Kit brushes on length and thickness. Enjoy 3X thicker and fuller lashes with almost double the length. Be sure to curl before you apply.

Expert Tip: Prime Before You Apply

Have you ever found yourself frustrated when applying eyeshadow because it goes on much lighter in color than the pallet? Sometimes this is due to the quality of your cosmetics, but your skin tone plays a role in how saturated your shadow looks. To intensify the color and make it look like the pallet we suggest you apply MicaBeauty Eye Primer before you get started on your eyes. Regardless of your skin tone this primer delivers a neutral starting point, ensuring full color saturation. It will provide you with an even, smooth and long-lasting finish. Last but not least, it prevents creasing, smearing, and fading for all-day wear. You can also dab it on top of metallic shadow to create a matte finish.

Spring Pictorials

Here are two Spring-inspired looks that are sure to make your eyes pop!

Peachy Rose Look:

Step 1: Add warm brown as transition shade & blend - brush used: MB Oval Eyeshadow Brush

Step 2: Add burnt orange shade into crease & blend - brush used: MB Angled Eyeshadow Brush

Step 3: Cut the crease using eye primer or concealer (used the MB Eye Primer) - brush used: MB Eyeliner Brush

Step 4: Add rose gold shimmer to the lid (used MB Mineral Eye Shadow in 078 Beige) - brush used: MB Angled Eyeshadow Brush

Step 5: Add mascara

Lime Green and Purple Look:

Step 1: Add lime green shade onto crease (used MB Mineral Eye Shadow in 107 Lucky) & blend - brush used: MB Oval Eyeshadow Brush

Step 2: Cut the crease using eye primer or concealer (used the MB Eye Primer) - brush used: MB Eyeliner Brush

Step 3: Add lilac purple shimmer to the lid (used MB Eye Shadow in 025 Orchid) - brush used: MB Angled Eyeshadow Brush

Step 4: Create a wing with purple eyeliner (used the MB Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Purple) & add mascara - brush used: MB Eyeliner Brush


If you are tired of your typical eyeshadow routine introduce a few fun new colors and browse the MicaBeauty Vlog for fun new application techniques!

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