How to achieve a flawless looking base for your makeup?

Achieving the perfect makeup look is not as difficult as it is sought out to be and if you follow the right steps, you too can become a pro in no time. Applying base is one of the key parts of applying makeup and is one of the most important steps to achieve a clean look at the end of a full face of makeup. Applying base is not just simply applying foundation, there are a few steps that go into it and if done correctly you can achieve that flawless looking base for your makeup look!

Step No.1

Wash your face!

Before starting off, make sure to wash your face properly with a good face wash and then allow it to dry. This gives you a smooth surface to apply makeup on.


Step No.2


The next step has to be to moisturize and hydrate your face. For really oily skin it is best to use rose water because it will keep your skin nourished throughout the day with making it oily, or you can use any light moisturizer. For dry skin, it is best to go full-on with a good fully hydrating face moisturizer.

Step No.3


Next, it is important to prep your skin with a good sunscreen according to your skin type. This is to keep you protected from the harmful UV rays throughout the day. After applying sunscreen, give it some time to set and properly absorb before you move on towards the next step.

Step No.4

Time to prime your face

Use a good primer to minimize pores and to give you a more smooth and flawless texture to work on.

Step No.5

Color Correct

Take your color corrector and apply it to your blemishes and blend with your third finger. It is best to use an orange color corrector for dark circles.

Step No. 6


Take a good concealer based on your skin type and apply in under your eyes, on the side of your nose, middle of the forehead and on any dark spots or blemishes. After applying this product, blend it well with the help of a damp beauty blender.

Step No.7


Now apply foundation. Choose a foundation that is slightly darker than your natural tone and one that is either very slightly lighter of the same shade of your natural tone and mix both of them in the palm of your hand and apply to your entire face and neck. Don’t forget to apply foundation on your neck or else your face and neck will be telling two different stories.

Step No.8

Time to Bake!

No, we do not mean baking a cake but it’s now time to bake your face with a good quality compact face powder. You can also use setting powder for a better finish. Make sure to apply some product on your neck as well. The main areas to bake are your T-zone and cheeks, for the rest of the face go in with a lighter touch of the powder.

Step No.9

Appreciate your flawless look

You now have a clean base to work up some killer contours and highlighting on so do it justice and wear it with pride!

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