Ever wondered what shape are your eyes?

Ever wonder what shape are your eyes

Knowing the natural shape of your eyes is as important as knowing your skin tone. If you're well aware of the shape of your eyes you can use liner and eyeshadow in ways that suit them well and look good no matter the trend.

Here you will discover tricks for each shape to get the most of those pretty peepers.

Deep-set eyes

These are set deeper into the skull and are large. This set-up gives prominence to the brow bone. Beige dust on the lids and a little shimmery highlighter at the arches is all that is needed. Also, make use of a waterproof mascara as your lashes are likely to touch your lids, there's a risk of smudging.

Mono-lid eyes

Many East Asian people happen to have this eye shape where the eye is flat at the surface and does not possess crease. As there's a lack of definition start from a darker shade of eyeshadow near the lash line and then work upwards towards the brow using a lighter shade. Then when you reach the brow use a shade that has shimmer in it. Curl lashes for the best results.

Hooded eyes

When excess skin drops over the lid making it look smaller the eye shape is called a hooded eye. The use of darker shade of eyeshadow is recommended to be applied over and out past the crease. Make the lash base prominent to intensify the look.

Protruding eyes

Know that you have protruding eyes of your eyelids are kind of project in the eye socket. This gives you ample space to experiment. Darker shades to cover space should be applied all over the lid. A thick liner along the upper lash line is going to further embolden the look and tame down the size. Smoky eyes are best suited to this eye shape.

Upturned eyes

An almond with a lift at the outer end is what this eye shape looks like. As the lower lid is more defined, to level the look apply dark eyeshadow or pencil along the outer lower edge to subdue the lift. 

Downturned eyes

Having a drop at the outer edges, downturned eyes create the perfect cat’s eye look. Liquid liner applied along the upper lid and then outward and upward creates the perfect look for this eye shape.

Close-set eyes

As a result of less space between the eyes, as in this case, an illusion of space needs to be created. Frosty white and shiny nudes can easily do the job. A little extra mascara and a few individual lashes at the outer corner will level the look.

Wide-set eyes

Owing to more space between the eyes, more coverage will be required to make it look less. For this, apply black liner along both your lids and get as close to the inner tear duct as you can. Also, sweep your lashes in the direction of your nose. This will diminish the effect of size and grant you the perfect look.

Hope these secrets help you on your makeup journey. Let us know if you have any more suggestions that you might like to share with the world. 

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