Basic Makeup Tips and Tricks that Every Woman Needs to Know

Basic Makeup Tips and Tricks that Every Woman Needs to Know

The makeup world seems all glittery and shiny from an outsider’s view. All we see is beautiful actresses who have hired professional makeup artists in order to glam them up for an awards night or some commercial photo-shoot. However, for a normal, everyday woman who either has to go to work for her 9-5 job or is a stay-at-home mom who has to be with her kids and do her everyday chores, the world of makeup is pretty different from all of this. In the whole feeling of buying all the makeup in the world and watching all these makeup videos on Instagram we tend to forget that “real-world” and “real-life” makeup is nothing like that. This is why today, we are going to go back to the basics and discuss them.

Basic Makeup Tip #1

Always, always, always apply a primer.

One of the basic makeup tips that is recommended by all professional makeup artists in the world is that you MUST apply a primer before you start your makeup. Think of your face as a blank canvas for an artist to work on. A freshly primed face makes laying the makeup easier. This step is crucial as it will also help your makeup last longer.

Basic Makeup Tip #2

Color-correct before your foundation

If you have dark circles under your eyes or any acne scars on your face, then you must go for color-correcting because a foundation or a concealer is not enough sometimes to cover these up. This is a very basic tip which many of us forget and in the end the foundation is unable to perform well.

Basic Makeup Tip #3

Give proper time to Blending your Foundation

More often than not, in the hustle of getting ready, we don’t give ample time to blending out foundation properly. The tool that you would use completely depends upon your personal preference. We recommend that you use a Beauty Blender to blend out foundation properly. Always remember to take it down to your neck and blend that area in as well.

Basic Makeup Tip #4

Sweep a Basic Eyeshadow on the lid for Added Dimension

Another simple tip from our side is to apply a basic eyeshadow on your eyelid and you will notice that this will give dimension to your entire eye area. If you don’t like a wash of color on the lid, just go for some color in the crease area.

Basic Makeup Tip #5

Apply a Lip Tint when in a rush

When you are in a rush and don’t have the time to put a lip liner on, or you don’t feel comfortable applying liquid lipsticks in a rush, just take some lip-tint and dab it on your lips. This will make your lips look really fresh and plump.

These were some of the basic makeup tips from our side and we hope that these will help you all in your day-to-day makeup routine. What makeup tips do you have that you would like to share with the world in the comments down below.

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