Beauty Blender Versus a Brush for Foundation Application – What’s the difference?

Hello everyone! Sometimes it can get very confusing as to what tools to use to apply your foundation for a seamless finish. Some people like to use their fingers while others go for their makeup tools. The main tools are the beauty blender and a foundation brush. Not many people are aware of the differences between the two.  
Today, we are here with another informatory piece for you that will help you figure out the difference between a brush and a beauty blender for applying your foundation. Happy reading 🙂 
The Beauty Sponge for Foundation Application 
The Beauty Sponge or blender is one of the most loved tools for applying foundation as well as other cream and liquid products on the face. The Beauty Sponge looks like a small egg when it’s in its original form. The basic idea is to wet the Beauty Sponge under running tap water to ‘wet’ it a little. The excess water is then squeezed out and the Beauty blender becomes a little larger in size.  
After applying foundation in little dots all over your face, you ‘tap’ the Beauty Blender on your face. You are not supposed to ‘drag’ this beauty sponge and just tap it. The slightly wet Beauty Sponge gives the foundation a very seamless application and you feel that the foundation has perfectly blended into your skin.  

The only con with a Beauty Sponge is that you need to wash it more often because it is wet after use and there are high chances of bacteria growing inside it if left for a very long time.
PLEASE go and wash your Beauty Sponge if it is sitting dirty on your dressing table!  
A major pro when it comes to Beauty Blenders is that you can use this little tool for applying cream blush and cream contour as well. This means less tools to carry if you are travelling a lot. 
Flat Top Foundation Brush for Foundation Application 

The next best option that is used all across the world for makeup application is makeup brushes. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to having the right brushes in your kit – please take a look at our content that is specifically focused upon makeup brushes. Coming back to our main topic: applying
foundation using a flat top foundation brush. The foundation brush is one that has pretty dense bristles made up of synthetic hair. You apply your foundation with your finger tips on your face and then start to blend it in using the flat top brush. One of the major factors with a foundation brush is that the foundation gets applied pretty pick. Moreover, a brush will give you a more ‘full coverage’ look. This is mainly because a foundation brush does not suck any foundation inside like the Beauty Blender. Some people want this kind of a foundation finish while others prefer to stay towards a more ‘natural’ looking foundation.  

Keep in mind that you NEED to wash your foundation brush as well after a couple of days. This must be a part of your routine because clean makeup tools lead to clean and non-irritated skin.  
This was pretty much it about Beauty Sponge and Foundation Brushes for applying your base. We hope this helped you all.  MICA Beauty has an amazing Drop Velvet Beauty Sponge that you must try out! If you are looking for some amazing brushes, they have them too! Check all the products out here!
Let us know in the comments down below which of the two you prefer for applying your foundation.
See you next time 🙂

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