Basic Korean Skincare Routine – Easiest one you’ll ever find!

Coming from the women of Korea, this skincare routine answers all your questions. We all know that Korean women have the skin of their dreams, a minute to admire their beauty, and in the next minute, take out your notepads to note down their beauty habits. Follow the regime religiously and see the results for yourself.

Start with a clean canvas
Nothing will help if you don’t make a clean start, no matter how expensive or effective your skin products are. Ensure all the accumulated dirt and oils have been washed away before applying anything. Now doing it the Korean way, cleanse twice. Wash off makeup and dirt with cleansing micellar water first, and then use a cleanser for absolute cleaning and breaking up oil, dirt, and pollutants. If you’ve got skin that’s more on the dry side, you can skip the double cleansing. If your skin produces excess oil, go for the MICA Beauty Glycolic Acid cleanser for a thorough cleansing experience.
Grab your Toner

If you’re following a Korean skincare routine, getting yourself a toner, too, is best. The reason is; it’s super concentrated and extremely lightweight on the skin. And in this particular skincare regime, we’ll need loads of that. Apply 6-7 layers of the Refreshing Facial Toner after the cleansing process to tuck in these products’ deep moisture goodness. Applying 2 to 3 drops and gently spreading them into the skin in each of the seven layers, often called the seven skin method, makes the second step of a Korean skincare routine.
Time for a dose of the magical solution called Serum

You need to apply the serum before any other product because serums are packed with active ingredients intended to penetrate deeper levels of the skin and work there. Therefore, right after you apply toner, swipe on serum. You won’t even need to pat because serums get absorbed almost instantly. You can choose from many formulas, ranging from hydrating to anti-wrinkle, to fit your skin’s needs. We have a wide variety of Serums at MICA Beauty’s Skincare section.
Bring in the Creams and Lotions

Now comes the part to seal the moisture and add a little more. Whatever suits you best, cream or lotion should be applied right after you apply the serum.
Protect the replenished skin from the sun

Know that no Korean woman walks out without sun protection. The flawless skin is a result of years of applying Sunscreen as the last step and saving all the hard work in the above steps. Following them, beauties, use a broad spectrum sunscreen, and you won’t need to treat skin problems like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

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